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Capnography (Mainstream) - Curves of CO2/Time and Volumetric Capnography (CO2/VT),

Measurements of ETCO2 Alveolar Ventilation, Dead Space, CO2Elimination (VCO2), VD/VT Ratio,

CO2Expired Volume (VTCO2)



12" touchscreen displays waveforms & loops simultaneously

Proximal Flow Sensor for neonatal patient category

Advanced modes like PRVC, APRV, MMV+ Pressure Support, PSV+ assured Volume

Non Invasive Ventilation available

Dedicated Neonatal Ventilation modes like TCPL, SIMV+TCPL+PS, N-CPAP

Tidal Volume correction according to BTPS

Endo tracheal tube, altitude and circuit compliance compensation & leak compensation in all modes

Integrated nebulizer

Advanced Lung Mechanism calculation

Auto-PEEP and Trapped Volume, WOBi, Exp. Time Constant, P/V Flex Monitoring, Slow Vital Capacity ( NIF), Pi Max, Physiological Dead Space

Suction % O2 for suction sequence with variable FiO2

Certification: CE 0434 FDA


ECG Machines


Automatic & manual recording modes for 6/12 leads

Multiple print formats from integrated 12 channel thermal printer on A4 size thermal paper

12 lead rhythm printout on single A4 page

Mains & battery operated

Battery capacity: upto 400 ECG printouts or 6 hours of normal use

Certification : CE 0123






Patient Monitors



12.1" high resolution color TFT LCD display

Critical parameters ECG, SpO2, NIBP, Temp, Resp monitored

12 lead ECG waveform display & total 11 waveforms display

ST analysis, arrhythmia analysis

Digital SpO2 even for low perfusion cases

72 hours tabular and graphical trends & data storage

Drug dose and Hemodynamic calculation software

OXY CRG software

CNS : Wired

Certification: CE 0123, FDA


Upgradable to 12 lead, dual IBP, thermal recorder, ETCO2, Multigas (CO2, O2, N2O and

5 Anaesthetic Agents) & second temperature (rectal)

Nellcor technology for pulse oximetry

Video Output (VGA)

CNS : Wireless




Multipara Patient Monitor

MPM 212

12.1" TFT touch screen cluster-free multi-display formats

Intelligent alarm management for effective patient monitoring

Non-volatile storage data (offline memory)

96-hour trends & graphical recall, 60 alarm events

Networking capability (wired/wireless)

Upgrade options for Thermal Recorder, Dual IBP, EtcO2, CO, AGM, ICG,IOC

Waterproof design